Unique in the futures industry, Jane Rubin is an award-winning Creative Director who passed the National Futures Association Series 3 and 30 exams in 2005 and 2006. She passed the Series 3 again in 2013 and stays current on futures industry products and processes.

"If you want mediocre go with the next company, but if you want genius, true professionalism and just absolute amazement go with Jane Rubin."

Donjo Franklin, Founder, CEO Franklin Global Capital LLC

"We had interviewed many individuals and firms. We found Jane Rubin had the best vision and experience to do this job. She rapidly passed the Series 3 and Series 30 exams to gain more knowledge of our business. Jane conducted herself as a true professional. Jane is so talented that I am confident in referring her to any company."

Damon Pavlatos, CEO/Partner FuturePath Trading LLC

TOTALVIEW Global brings a unique understanding of the futures trading industry to every initiative. In addition to elegant design, Jane provides futures industry-specific brand positioning, educational, and lead generation content. Jane has also created original NFA Series 3 instructional material.

Jane has contributed profitable substance and style to multiple futures brokers, futures trading software companies, and forex trading firms. For example, Jane wrote the content for the futures education area of the FuturePath Trading website — that she also designed and developed — in which she covered the history and theory of futures markets, rules and regulations, and speculating and hedging, including original mathematical examples illustrating how to utilize stock index futures to hedge a portfolio and other trading strategies.

Another TOTALVIEW Global client, who was seeking to pass the Series 3 for the first time, asked Jane to provide remote Series 3 tutoring. For this client, Jane created an original NFA Series 3 study guide with original math examples formulated by Jane. In childhood, Jane was identified as visually, musically and athletically talented as well as intellectually gifted in math and other academic areas. Jane completed Calculus and Advanced Calculus in high school.

This combination of creative direction, visual design, and industry-specific knowledge rapidly and substantively advanced the growth of FuturePath Trading and PhotonTrader, xSquawk, NinjaTrader, Mirus Futures, the Diversified Trading Institute, and Franklin Global Capital.


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