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TOTALVIEW Global is an elite, streamlined advertising, branding, and design agency that provides creative vision, multi-platform execution and global reach.

Before founding TOTALVIEW Global, Jane Rubin directed, designed, and/or produced successful advertising and branding campaigns for large corporate clients in a range of arenas, including: Finance, Luxury, Pharma, Sports-Entertainment, Consumer Goods, IT, Education, and Publishing. Jane also directed, designed, and wrote headlines for numerous diversity recruitment campaigns.

TOTALVIEW Global is also specialized in promoting trading industry companies and in designing elegant trading and investment industry software.

With Jane — as their sole Creative Director and Designer — a number of pioneering brokerages and trading software companies rapidly became globally dominant brands. Additionally, during 2005-6, Jane Rubin passed the NFA Series 3 and 30, which has enabled Jane to provide informed content about global electronic trading — as well as elegant creative direction and visual design.


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